Being a Counselor-in-Training at Adventures in Cardboard is a demanding volunteer role and one that you’ll want to consider carefully before taking on.

"Working at AiC is VERY different from being a camper. It is not fun at all." - Julian, AiC Director
Well, not in any of the same ways you have fun as a camper. You should not at all think “… it will be like camp but you can do whatever you want to.” If you come in with any such notion you will absolutely regret taking this job. Though it IS fun to be in beautiful parks and learn from great people, you don’t create your own things at camp or get to join in the games. You may say to yourself “But I have seen C.I.T.s playing all the same games and making their own equipment at camp.” Yes, you may have seen this. It is a problem. We have discovered that C.I.T.s who behave this way are a drain on counselors. To have people around more interested in playing than in working makes more work for everyone, and we are all typically feeling overworked. This year if C.I.T.s cannot make the adjustment quickly to working we have to ask them to try again another year.

The reward of being a C.I.T. is in finding joy in helping OTHERS create: to find joy helping OTHERS experience the wonder that comes with helping create and live in this incredible world we all labor to make together. Many of our best counselors have been campers and we want to seek to hire former campers to create a sense of legacy at AiC whenever possible. If your 1-2 weeks go well and if there is a need, we may offer you work as a Junior Counselor, but J.C. positions are very competitive right now. Being a C.I.T., even a pretty good one, is no guarantee of being offered a job as a J.C. the next year. Unfortunately, we only have room to bring on a few of the most committed and attentive C.I.T.’s each year.
During the summer you would be assigned a mentor: a staff-person will check in with you periodically about your progress and about how your workload is feeling. During the summer it is important to communicate your needs to us and to let us know if something is NOT working for you. Being able to communicate your needs to us honestly so that we can help you perform your best is part of being a great C.I.T. We have no room for stoics. Working at AiC is a community endeavor and none of us is great enough to shoulder the responsibility without the help of our peers.

Here are the roles of a C.I.T. though the list is not meant to be exhaustive:
~ attend an all-staff orientation in late spring
~ proactively assist counselors in the Armory Activities as needed.
~ occasionally assist in the Games Activity at check-points or rarely as characters.
~ attend staff meetings.
~ help with Friday Strike, sometimes until 5:30pm.

It is a volunteer position and offers no compensation.

If you are still interested in the position please fill out the below application. The above is not meant to sound scary but rather to impart what is involved in volunteering for and working with Adventures in Cardboard. There are real responsibilities attached.

Thank you so much for your interest! We love working for Adventures in Cardboard! It is an absolute joy to make and share in the experience of camp! And we absolutely appreciate your interest in committing to making and sharing this experience with us!

Anna and Eric

C.i.T. application