staff, Bailey

Art and Play Instructor Bailey Osborne is ecstatic to join the AIC gang! A nurturing and creative soul, Bailey loves to play and imagine all sorts of wild fantasies while simultaneously solving real-life conflicts. She is originally from Spokane, WA but has found a new home in the shadow of the Sleeping Giant. Bailey spends…

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Artistic Director Silly, animated, and seemingly always barefoot (seriously, does he even OWN shoes?), Eric Dymit is an enthusiastic character-and-lore generator who loves working with campers to bring their imaginations to life in the AiC Realm! Campers may recognize him as J-Club the Whacker, Pan, Bonecrusher the Were-Hyena, the Citrakhan Warlord, and the Fox Prince. Coming from…

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Admin Director For Anna, this is a chance to bring home the closest (and coolest) experience she could find outside of Montana that is the equivalent of a childhood growing up with the mountains as your playground. Anna Lund is a serious, direct, and kind human being (just ask her friends) who comes from a…

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