Artistic Director

Eric Dymit (The Fox Prince, J-Club the Wacker, Pan, Bonecrusher) is an enthusiastic and animated character-and-lore generator who loves working with campers to bring their imaginations to life in the AiC Realm! Coming from a childhood of reading fantasy and mythology, drawing on every piece of paper available, and using the outdoors as his mind’s theater, Eric has found a home for himself in the world of AiC. He is excited to use his experience to bring cardboard camp to the land of Middangeard (AKA Montana), where he is one of the camp coordinators and primary Creator of Lore for AiC Montana.

Outside of AiC, Eric is a professional actor, artist, and educator. In Minnesota he has worked with CLIMB Children’s Theatre and performed with several local theatre companies, preferring to work on new and devised shows. Now living in Montana, he teaches artist-in-residency classes and is a painting instructor through the Holter Museum of Art. While he co-leads all of the AiC programming in Montana, he also looks forward to coming back to MN for a few weeks of camp every summer!

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