Game Days



Our beloved Game Day takes on a *new* form as a 5 hour fantasy-filled adventure-packed DnD story! Join as 1 of 6 heroes in an epic tale narrated by an experienced Game Master. Participants will take off together on a hair-raising heroes' journey packed with action, mystery, and who knows what else!

Ever gotten wrapped up in a story and started to imagine yourself as a character along for the journey? Join Art and Play Instructor Eric as he narrates a series of adventures for our brave heroes - with some twists!

Character sheets will be pre-written (stats, armor and weapons) with participants welcome to flush out details such as name and backstory at the start of the Game Day.

Oct. 29

Join as we journey back into the Realm of Middengard on All Hallows Eve. Will you take on the mantle of the Werebeasts, that of the Vampires, or will you fight alongside the Mad Scientist Monster Hunters?

This 5 hour game day is seasonally themed, with participants joining 1 of 3 teams playing/acting out an original Adventures in Cardboard story line.

Featuring a brand new map, special edition sword-taggers, the wonders of ancient magicks, and original AiC lore.

Hosted in partnership with the Holter Museum of Art.


AiC in MT is looking to play a Game Day in Missoula! Do you know of an organization or business that might be interested in working with us? Please recommend us to them or send us a link to their website with contact info.

We want to play!