Jernhode Champion

Haldor, Champion of the Ram Clan

jernhode final

After the Jernhode clan had moved into the mountains and started excavating the caverns, wicked bands of trolls tried to take them over. As the Ram clan was still in its early days and had just begun establishing themselves in the empty mountain halls, they found themselves unprepared for the assault and were forced to retreat back into the heart of the mountain. Trolls flooded the tunnels, moving deeper and deeper, threatening to wipe out the new clan.

A humble smith held them at bay in a far off portion of the cavern system, long enough for reinforcements to arrive and drive them back. His act of bravery cost him his left hand, which was hewn by a troll’s cleaver. Knowing the trolls would return, the smith, called Haldor, crafted a shield which possessed the spirit of a ram. The magical shield, attached to the smith’s left arm, would send forth a charging ram to force any enemies down the mountain corridors, holding them off. 

Following his heroic deeds in service of his clan, Haldor was named the master architect and blacksmith of Jernhode. Three times throughout his life he was offered the title of chief, an offer he twice refused. Still feeling the lingering threat of the rogue trolls, he felt he would be of better help to his clan as a builder until the mountain caverns were sufficiently fortified. Only after attaining a great age and having finally quelled the trolls did the smith finally accept the chief’s stone seat in the great hall within Jernhode’s mountains. Under his tutelage, a golden age of craftsmanship began for Jernhode, and the most renowned smiths and builders of the clan can trace their training back to this champion.