Livingston Game Day

May 6

10AM - 3PM

With the Livingston Center for Art and Culture


Join for 5 hours of building cardboard swords and then playing epic field games with them!

Participants can choose an existing design or craft a custom sword during our Armory time before learning the basics of safe-sword tag and jumping into a series of Games, including dueling circles, capture the flag, and other tried and true sword-tag games. In addition to cardboard craft and sword-tag, participants can come as characters with existing myth and lore or pull from the collection of AiC costumes and theatrical instructor know-how to create their own roleplay character!

Featuring special edition sword-taggers and original AiC lore.

Hosted in partnership with the Livingston Center for Art and Culture and taking place at Sacajawea Park.

Registration for Game Day in Livingston May 6

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