Lore of the Realm


Long ago, before Humankind arrived, Middengaard was a wild place, with fauns, trolls, the elusive beastfolk and countless other creatures roaming the woods, mountains and plains. Of course the greatest of them all were the Giants, immense guardians and peacekeepers who unleashed their magic through the earth, the wind and the springs of water. The Giants shared the magic with other creatures of Middengaard who used it as part of their everyday lives. But the Giants were an ancient and dwindling race when humans arrived in Middengaard.


Some wise folk suspect that Humankind arrived from distant lands across the great sea when the waters were much lower than they are today. Others claim humans originally spawned from other creatures. Each clan's council of elders hold their own story of how humans came to walk the earth and how they came to Middengaard.

When people first arrived they grew and adapted in fellowship with the other beasts and creatures of Middengaard. They learned to draw magic from the earth, from its watery springs and from the wind in the same way as the beasts. But Humankind also was driven by the curse of ambition and the Giants took a special interest in these newest inhabitants and took care to advise and watch over them. However, as the race of giants faded from Middengaard, so did their guiding influence and conflict began to grow amongst emerging and separate clans of Humankind.


In the present age, a single giant remains... and it is asleep. The beastfolk, trolls and other creatures in their way have foreseen the devastation of the coming war. Though some try to intervene, beasts have had little influence on the affairs of Humankind since their first sharing of magic. 


The six clans now vie to wake the last giant; they desire its great sleeping might and believe it can be swayed to their cause and turn the tide of war to their favor. Will any clan succeed in waking the Giant? And what will become of other clans that fail to win its favor? You decide!

The Six Clans of the Realm

Welcome to the Realm of Middengaard, in the Wonderful World of AiC! Middengaard is home to Six Esteemed Clans, cultures that have grown alongside one another under the guidance and protection of the Giants. Each Clan is renowned for different qualities, and each one has its own histories and territories.

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