Mottamork Champion

Dagomir, Champion of the Vulture Clan

mottamork final

Throughout the centuries of migration across the plains of Middengaard, the wisest and most learned druids had noted that there was a specific point in the land where their magic seemed the strongest - a great lake, in the middle of which was an untouched island. While this influx of power was acknowledged by the clan, for generations the druids chose to continue following the flow of the Sleeping Giant’s magic. There came a time, however, well after the splits of Ulvriskar, Jernhode, and Vulpaa, that a band of these druids would definitively choose to abandon the Taansko migration in order to study this magical anomaly. 

For a time, the druids were perplexed - they could not detect any irregularities in the earth, and it seemed that the power they were experiencing was coming from a different source.  One particularly inquisitive druid, by name of Dagomir, found himself pondering the mysteries of magic well into the night. That proved to be the key - while meandering along the shore of the lake, the druid happened to glance into its waters. There, reflected on the surface, danced the thousands of stars in the sky and the great silver moon.

As soon as Dagomir saw these silver lights in the lake, he knew that they were the source of the magical surge in power. He led his people in erecting a great citadel on the island, that they might be constantly surrounded by the reflections of the night sky and be ever closer to their inspiration. This druid set about discovering the secrets of the new magic in the sky, and passed on his knowledge to the rest of his people