The Clan of the Bison

The Taansko are the eldest clan of Middengaard and may be the wisest. They are the ancestor clan from which all other clans sprang. Once hunter-gatherers, they now follow a nomadic life as cattle herders, as much for cosmological reasons as for practicality. Yet many of their traditions have been unchanged over the centuries.

The people of Taansko are humble, stoic, and strong willed. They will always put the good of the community over their own individual wellbeing. They have a powerful sense of morality and don’t allow injustice to be done to them. They revere the land above all else, drawing great power from the Sleeping Giant. Their livestock feed upon the grass enriched by the magic of the giant across the continent, and the folk of Taansko are always on the move from one spiritual site to the next, following both the changes in the seasons and the flow of magic as it moves throughout the land. Taansko people are friends of giants, trolls, beastfolk and their relatives and they share some of their customs.

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It takes much to move the Taansko to conflict, but if provoked the Taansko are unmatched in strength and numbers. Taansko druids wield great war staffs as both bludgeoning clubs and fountains of magical power. The other clans know to keep a respectful distance and mind their manners whenever dealing with Taansko. Staunch traditionalists, if there is one fault that Taansko can be guilty of, it is their unwillingness to accept outsiders and their customs. Where they generally have good relationships with the clans who would branch off from the ancestor clan, their hospitality and goodwill seldom reaches to foreigners to the Realm.

The Bison clan are often able to keep even the wild Ulvriskar in a reasoning state of mind, and they share a love for the land and the beasts inhabiting it.

The Taansko routinely deal and trade with the hot-headed Jernhode people during the Western cycle of their migration.

The seasonal migration of the Taansko passes through the lands of the Vulpaa each year. These two peoples have built strong relationships and share many magical traditions and understandings of spiritual matters.

Though the Taansko oppose the grand plans of Mottamork, they are never strongly harassed by the Vulture sorcerers. Any land occupied by Mottamork is always reclaimed by the Taansko after their long migrations.

While Taansko is renowned for their tolerance with most other clans, they regard Zehir and their foreign ways with suspicion.