The Clan of the Wolverine

One of the first of the clans to set themselves apart from Taansko were the Ulvriskar. Their ancestors parted from the great Taanskic migration as it made its northwestern pass. This folk felt a calling from the north and yearned to take up a path of their own. Leaving the great migration they pushed past the mountains and into the wilderness beyond. Generations later a great, slow, grinding ice pushed the Ulvriskar back south and they emerged changed and unfamiliar to their cousins.

Being removed from the spiritual traditions of Taansko and the Sleeping Giant, the Ulvriskar were left only with a vestige of their former magic. What magic remained however, manifested itself in a powerful way.

After almost a century in the wild lands of the north, the people of Ulvriskar became feral and aggressive, but also experts in the technologies of survival and adaptation. Some who misunderstand the Ulvriskar say they have little ambition beyond where they can find their next meal, a sharper axe or some warmer skins. It is also rumored in some circles that the Ulvriskar practiced cannibalism in their self-styled banishment, and this has cursed them as beast-men. It is true that the Ulvriskar take on a beast-like rage when in combat, trusting that the spirits of beasts and the will of the land will protect them from harm. They attack savagely, hacking with cleavers and axes. With such a fearsome reputation, the Ulvriskar have a polarizing relationship with most other clans.

The people of Ulvriskar are fiercely loyal to their own kind, often presenting a gruff and rough appearance. They have little in the way of manners of other clans and follow the strong. However, the bonds between the Ulvriskar people are said to be some of the strongest - the constant bickering and brawling amongst the clan actually serves to deepen the relationships of its members. While they remain relatively disorganized, there is little that an Ulvriskarian wouldn’t do to help their brothers and sisters in arms. Whatever the other clans may feel towards the Wolverine clan, none can deny the fearlessness and determination of its people.

ulvriskar final
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Taansko has little trouble with Ulvriskar people; even the Wolverine Clan knows better than to provoke the great nomadic Clan of the Bison.

They are despised by Jernhode, who constantly repel Ulvriskar raiders from their mountain settlements. 

Vulpaa has a tolerable relationship with Ulvriskar, and respects their feral nature as a step towards unity with the spirit world and the will of the land. Vulpaa druids have been known to shapeshift Ulvriskar warriors into the forms of beasts, fulfilling their transformation into animals. 

Mottamork barely recognizes Ulvriskar as a fellow clan, seeing little organization among them and considering them mere beasts living in a desperate part of Middengaard. In turn, Ulvriskar people are suspicious of the darker magic of Mottamork, and what they don’t understand they fear… and attack.

The Ulvriskar seldom travel far enough south to deal with Zehir, who would be too wary of their supposed brutal and savage nature anyway to engage with them willingly.