Zehir Champion

Enquisse, Champion of the Rattlesnake Clan

zehir final

While she was by no means innocent or a victim, there is no doubt that the circumstances in which Princess Enquisse was removed from her position of power in Iztan are shrouded in suspicion and courtly intrigue. A student of science and medicine, Enquisse’s fascination in these subjects led to her attempts to advance the culture and technologies of her realm. However, some of her ventures were seen by her policial rivals as too ambitious. They orchestrated a coup, ousting her from Iztan and casting her to the unknown world. With a small crew of loyal followers, she sailed the Eastern sea and stumbled upon the land of Middengaard.

In a wild land deeply tied to magic, a land experiencing turmoil as new clans were established and came into conflict, Enquisse and her band were able to establish themselves as mercenaries and agents of subterfuge. They established themselves as a new clan - Zehir of the Rattlesnake, taking their sigil from the trademark Snakebite Daggers which Enquisse had crafted back in Iztan. Enquisse would grow in notoriety, embroiling herself in the squabbles of the other clans, pitting one clan against the other and positioning herself to benefit from the ensuing conflict. 

All of this would come to a head when she undertook a contract to assassinate the current ruler of Ulvriskar - Ulrika II, a direct descendent of the original founder of the wolverine clan. The action would curse her; in Ulvriska’s final moments, she pleaded to the spirits of the beasts of her people to take vengeance upon Enquisse. The beasts, through the same magic that had been passed to Vulpaa and Ulvriskar, bound Enquisse’s soul into a rattlesnake. This snake, eternally wrathful, guards her signature daggers and lashes out at the magic of the realm.