As a big fan of swords, the outdoors and crafts, Ella is quite psyched about being a part of Adventures in Cardboard this summer! She hails from the shores of the great lake Michigan, but has lived half of her life at the foot of Mount Helena. Through the fall, winter and spring she lives in the South-Eastern corner of Washington, where there are tumbleweeds and well-fed squirrels, and where she is currently studying. At school she helps plan and put on the Whitman College Renaissance Faire as a part of the Ren Faire Planning Committee, which also puts on a tournament, a ball, and a murder mystery! She has many hobbies, including reading, writing, tree-climbing, sewing, hiking, scampering around, theater, chopping wood and looking at rocks. Ella is best known for starting the Church of the Great Pumpkin and is probably the biggest fan of Halloween and the band Lord Huron you will ever meet. She cannot wait to go on some epic adventures with all of you this summer


Ella's Clan