The Clan of the Fox

It is hard to tell when exactly the split between Taansko and Vulpaa occurred, as so many of their customs and traditions remain similar. The stories recount that some Taansko nomads were restless, and splintered off in waves from the great migration. These restless groups criss-crossed the plains of Middengaard in a haphazard fashion, eventually forming three ‘dens’ or cultural hubs in different corners of the Taansko migration path. To this day, Vulpaa shamans still meander through the plains, joining and leaving the Taansko people as they please.

From the dens of Vulpaa comes a whole array of magicians, players, vagabonds, tinkerers, and merchants. Vulpaans dabble in a wide variety of arts, using the tools of their numerous trades to support their wayward lifestyles. Some Vulpaans may form wandering troupes, venturing from settlement to settlement, performing for their meals and a space to sleep. Others use their knowledge in magic and herbs to make a living in the healing arts. Whatever trade a Vulpaan may find expertise in, they never let it keep them stationary for long - they are sure to be back on the road ere they become too settled.

While Taansko’s earthbound spirit brings them great peace and tranquility and rootedness, Vulpaa has learned to embrace the wind. "May the wind blow you around the plains and may the sun warm your soul." is a common Vulpaa farewell. You cannot tie someone from Vulpaa down for long, the freedom to choose their own path is something they value above all else. 

Yet many in Middengaard find the Vulpaa obsessive about the need to be unlocked to any particular place or destiny, and they often paint the fox to be cunning tricksters, wily, mischievous, selfish and stuck in their own world. Other clans will often become impatient and exasperated with the unwillingness of the Vulpaa to cooperate in even the simplest of projects or plans.

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The Vulpaa have strong relationships with Taansko, steeped in the same magical traditions although practicing in a very different manner. Many Vulpaans consider the Bison folk to be a touch too serious and solemn, but they enjoy their company nonetheless. 

 Vulpaa is one of the few clans on friendly terms with Ulvriskar, sharing with them a wild streak and the need to live outside of traditions and customs. There is an old story of two folk-heroes, a Vulpaan druid and an Ulvriskarian raider, who follow the same path together through many adventures. The story describes a formidable duo that has become something of a cultural template for both clans. 

 Vulpaa doesn’t deal much with Jernhode, having little need for their iron and considering Jernhodans far too mirthless.

Vulpaa’s value of freedom puts them at direct odds with the grand plans of Mottamork. The Fox clan wavers between being playfully disruptive and zealously antagonistic towards the Vulture sorcerers.

Most Vulpaa would readily admit to being wary of Zehir, as the Rattlesnake clan is so shrouded in mystery and intrigue.